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Micanvas’16 is not just another college fest. It is an experience- an experience unique and personal to each participant. Your every interaction with Micanvas is special for us, and we want it to be equally special to you. Your every action or reaction will count. Every misstep will be quantified. There will be winners and losers. The difference between the two will depend on how well you chart your personal journey in the Micanvas story. Get ready to race your grey cells against budding marketers from all over the country. Get ready to #Unravel your Micanvas experience!


Earn coins, increase domain skills and emerge on top of the leaderboard as you script your journey from a ‘Budding Marketer’ to ‘The Ultimate Marketer’! See where you stand among the thousands of budding marketers from across geographies.


Here’s what we’re basically trying to do:

  • Provide you with a unique and immersive Micanvas’ 16 experience.
  • For this, we have designed this simple and fun game that all of us can play together.
  • Your objective is to earn as many badges and MiCoins as possible as you climb your way up the corporate ladder- from a budding marketer to the Ultimate Marketer!
  • All you have to do is:
    1. Install the “Unravel Micanvas” app. It is available for free download from both Google Play Store and iStore.
    2. Tell us who you are, create your own virtual avatar and you’re all set to go!

Here’s how the game’s divided:

  1. Daily Challenges:
    1. You will be getting 5 daily challenges every day. These daily challenges will test you on the following domain skills:
      1. Branding
      2. Advertising
      3. Sports Marketing
      4. General Awareness
      5. Problem Solving
    2. Each daily challenge will be open only for a maximum of 2 hours, within which you are expected to solve it to earn MiCoins and increase your corresponding domain skill.
    3. On failure to complete a challenge, only your domain skill is negatively impacted. Your MiCoins, however, remain as is.
    4. You will have a total of 10 attempts to solve all the 5 daily challenges. Say, if you exhaust all 10 attempts and fail to solve the 1st challenge, you can’t participate in the other challenges for that day.
    5. There will be leaderboards showing real-time (well, almost) results.
  2. On- Campus Challenges: Even on- campus events (events that take place during the dates of our fest) will be part of the whole gamification experience. MiCoins will be awarded (and a lot of them for these tougher and more intriguing challenges) for:
    • Registering for an event through the Unravel MICANVAS App.
    • Every shortlist made.
    • Participating in Formal and Informal On Campus Events.
    • Winning or Completing an Event.
    • Attending an event.

Remember one thing: For us, your every interaction with Micanvas’ 16 is special, and we are trying our best to give you the best possible experience at every stage. Hope you’ll have fun!

Want to discuss something? Just get in touch with us any time!

Email: micanvas@micamail.in

Contact: Ashish: +91 97242 76666 | Vatsal: +91 96509 32084

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #Unravel Micanvas?

#Unravel is our theme for this year’s Micanvas. #Unravel stands for the unravelling of personalized experience in marketing. #Unravel stands for unravelling the marketer in you. We are trying to give you a unique and immersive experience as you unravel the ultimate marketer in you in this fun Micanvas gamification app called ‘Unravel Micanvas’ that would soon be available for download on both Google Play Store and iStore.

What is the registration fee?

There is going to be no registration fee for those participants who’ve been shortlisted for the final rounds of all events at Micanvas’ 16. Instead, we have a reimbursement policy wherein we reimburse part of your travel expenses.

How can I participate in #Unravel Micanvas?

In order to participate in #Unravel Micanvas, you should download our app from the Google Play Store or iStore. This app will be available for download very soon.

Trust us: it’s fun, exciting, challenging, and designed with all our love for marketing.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation would be provided for all the registered participants, irrespective of whether or not you are shortlisted for the final events. All you have to do is: get in touch with the Campus Relations team and they’ll take care of the rest! A nominal fees would be charged for accommodation for those participants who haven’t been shortlisted for the on-campus rounds of any event. However, accommodation is provided for free for all the shortlisted participants for the on-campus rounds.

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