Team MICANVAS 2016

Presenting The Super Heroes Of MICA Who Work Behind The Scenes To Create The Magic Of MICANVAS!

Brand Communications

When it comes to your brand, we know what to say, when, where and how so that it has the maximum impact.

felix-joy  amandeep-singh  vatsal-sethi rahul-dubey

Felix Joy                                        Amandeep Singh                       Vatsal Sethi                 Rahul Dubey


We bring the best out of your brand to ensure increased visibility and maximum engagement with the target audience.

anubhav-tyagi  divyansh-bhatt rishabh-bucha amogh-deshmukh sinu-daniel

 Anubhav Tyagi                   Divyansh Bhatt            Rishabh Bucha         Amogh Deshmukh           Sinu Daniel


Our creative monkeys work day and night to conceptualize the most outrageously fun events on any campus!

hardik-m-foflia      aditya-gupta

Hardik Foflia                                            Aditya Gupta

Campus Relations

Our job is not just reaching out to other campuses but making them an integral part of the MICANVAS story.

ashish-avadhanula    ashita-venugopal     vasundhara-yadav

Ashish Avadhanula                         Ashita Venugopal                   Vasundhara Yadav


The face of MICANVAS for all outbound communication with various strategic media.

sharan-gogoiashna-shah     namita-kulkarni

Sharan Gogoi                                    Ashna Shah                            Namita Kulkarni

Logistics & Finance

The ones responsible for accounting of every nut and bolt used in organizing the festival and making sure that everyone gets what they need at the right time. We are the oil that keeps this machine going.

raghav-sharma      divya-sadanandan    pritesh-desai

Raghav Sharma                                  Divya Sadanandan                                  Pritesh Desai


Artist Management

From getting a star to making sure that you are up for a stellar show, we are the ones who add the glamour to every event.

tejinder-kaur     aditya-dhupar

Tejinder Kaur                                        Aditya Dhupar


The fresh paint, the installations, the ideas – Creatives & Internal PR crafts and creates the amazing visual that is MICANVAS.

shiksha-singh    ishani-sanyal    ankita-sharma

Shiksha Singh                          Ishani Sanyal               Ankita Sharma


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